Internet Providers in Philadelphia

In the last decade internet service has become a necessity for the majority as we have learned to seamlessly rely on online applications and services to handle many aspects of our business and personal lives.  When you live in one of the prominent cities in our great nation, it's even more important to have good high speed broadband access to negotiate city life.  For instance, internet providers in Philadelphia have got several solid plans delivered across various technologies to keep the residents of Philly tapped into the information superhighway.

Let's take a look at what's available in the various zip codes in Philadelphia, including but not limited to 19092 through 19197:


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Verizon Internet Service

One of the most respected names in telecommunications, Verizon is synonymous with quality broadband service.  Whether you are fortunate to have access to their superfast fiber optic service, FiOS available to you, or their reliable and affordable DSL service, you can enjoy high speed access with no contracts required.  However, you may wish to entertain a contract with them . . . in the past, they have promised one low price for life if you sign a 2 year contract with them.  Stick with them and you can save some serious cash.

Comcast Cable Internet Service

One of the largest providers in the United States of cable internet, Comcast also boasts some of the fastest speeds in the nation.  They have a variety of plans to handle virtually anything you can throw at it.  Many people will be quite satisfied with their 6 Mbps speed, but there are some people who use extremely bandwidth heavy applications such as high definition streaming that would benefit from speeds up to 105 Mbps.  Comcast's data caps are also generous, beginning at 300 GB per month.  And if you creep over that threshold, no worries - they sell increments of 50 GB of data at $10.  Make sure you check into bundling voice and television for the best deal.


Another fiber optic provider that doesn't disappoint anyone with a need for speed, RCN offers a variety of speeds ranging from 5 Mbps all the way to 75 Mbps.  And bonus - they don't require a contract, which is perfect for people who will only be living in Philly for a short period of time, such as a college student.  RCN is generous with email accounts and plenty of storage for your emails.

The "City of Brotherly Love" has come a long way from it's roots when William Penn's vision for community was born.  Broadband from internet providers in Philadelphia can help you navigate the many historic attractions, like Independence Hall, Valley Forge National Historical Park, the Liberty Bell Center, National Constitutional Center, and The Franklin Institute.  These national treasures remind us of the important historical significance of this amazing city


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